ktaThe technique of Kinesio Taping® was developed by a chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase over 25 years ago. This method of taping uses specially designed tape for clinical management of numerous musculoskeletal disorders as well as aiding in reduction of lymph edema. One of its taping methods assists in restoring proper muscle function by taping over and around muscles to prevent over-contraction or under-contraction. Unlike traditional taping methods that typically are designed to restrict motion, Kinesio Taping will actually provide structural support while allowing full function and range of motion. This provides the individual functional assistance and support during the performance of their activity. Another technique which is typically utilized in the acute stage of injury and the rehabilitation process, This method of taping is designed to help reduce overuse or over-contraction and can provide facilitation of lymphatic flow for an extended period of time. The typical techniques that are used with Kinesio Taping include mechanical correction, ligament and or tendon correction, Functional taping, lymphatic drainage technique, fascial and space corrections. This method of taping can and often is used in conjunction with traditional rehabilitation methods and physiotherapeutic modalities.

IMG_3744Kinesio Taping can provide therapeutic benefit 24 hours per day and the water-resistant tape is worn for 3 to 5 days, allowing it to provide the individual ongoing therapeutic benefit during their daily activities. This approach helps to enhance recovery and can greatly minimize the amount of time typically needed for rehabilitation and treatment.

There are multiple methods of application utilizing the tape’s elastic design. The degree of the stretch used by the practitioner while applying the tape, along with the direction of the tape application determines the therapeutic outcome desired. The theory behind two of the most commonly used methods of taping (facilitation or inhibition) is to either increase or decrease the neurological input of a muscle so as to either facilitate or inhibit its recruitment by the nervous system. The intention is to help retrain the nervous system in proper muscle recruitment patterns and decrease overuse and synergistic dominance that typically results from it.

It is therefore highly recommended that Kinesio Tape be applied only by properly trained and certified Kinesio Taping professionals. Dr. Stuart Weitzman has successfully completed the training and certification process and is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP). Kinesio Taping is widely used by professional athletes in all sports from the NFL, NBA, MLB, USTA, USAT and Pro Cycling.