Our patients have written testimonials to share their experiences and help new patients understand the benefits of Chiropractic care, ART, Kinesio Tape and wellness care with Dr. Stu.

From an active patient training for a marathon

Dr. Stu has worked with every member of my family, repairing and preventing injury for the past several years. He has helped each of us perform and live to our fullest potential, whether we’ve been training for an NCAA lacrosse championship, yoga class, volleyball tournament, or have spent too many hours sitting at the computer! With Dr. Stu’s guidance and the inspirational example he sets in his own life for high athletic performance and personal integrity, I have begun training for my own first full marathon this winter!Jess

From a high school runner

As a high school distance runner involved in a state-level program, I run fairly high mileage week to week. This mileage began to take a toll on my body, specifically on the muscles near my right hip. I went to an orthopedic doctor and their solution was to “cross-train”. But I wanted to be able to run, not swim or bike, so I turned to Dr. Stu. Stu determined that the hip muscle pain was coming from a slight curvature in my spine which was affecting my running form. After just a few visits, I was already feeling better and now, a couple months later, the pain has nearly disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Stu for athletes, given his athletic background and his commitment to doing everything he can to keep you on the course, track, field, or court.Ben N.

From a Guy who does Cross Fit with Plantar Fasciitis and Lower Back pain

With a more active workout program and lifestyle, I started to feel what I mistakenly thought were the aches and pains of my age. Several months ago, my foot began to feel sore and strained, and eventually my lower back began to bother me. After finally giving in and visiting my primary care physician, I was diagnosed with the dreaded plantar fasciitis, a recurring inflammation of the ligaments on the bottom of my foot. I had let it go so far that my body was out of alignment and I was putting a strain on my back.

My doctor prescribed me some pain relievers and sent me on to an orthopedist. The diagnosis by the orthopedist was the same, and he quickly jabbed me with my first ever cortisone shot, told me to come back in two weeks for the next one, and to get fitted for some shoe inserts.
I was not happy with the situation. Besides the pain (and relatively short relief) from the cortisone shot and the drowsy side effects of the pain medications, my workout routine had gone to the dogs. I was no longer looking forward to my Crossfit classes, I couldn’t run in the neighborhood anymore, and everyone in my family was telling me that I would never be the same active person again because of the plantar fasciitis.

That’s when my friends at Crossfit told me about their visits to a chiropractor over in Bedford Hills that they affectionately call Dr. Stu. They told me he would fix me up in no time, and that I would be looking forward to every office visit. Never using a chiropractor before and not understanding how he could heal my foot, I was not very optimistic of the treatment plan.

How wrong I was on that outlook. As an avid athlete and runner himself, Dr. Stu understood what I had gone through when having my condition diagnosed and treated by the typical medical community. He was not about masking or having me cope with the pain, he was about fixing the problems so that I could get back to my physical activities and life. Besides adjusting my lower back and neck (which were misaligned and putting stresses on my body), he treated my foot with Active Release Technique (“ART”) therapy to loosen up the scar tissue and speed up the overall healing process.

After a couple visits, I have jumped back into my Crossfit classes, have little to no pain in my foot, and I’m about to restart my running routine in the next week or two. While I have no illusions that I need to ease back into my workouts and running, it is comforting to know that there is a professional out there to help me properly understand how my body works, heals, and recovers from injuries when they occur.

No one of any age should have to give up their active lifestyle or family time because of pain and injury. And, there are practical and successful alternatives to “popping pills” and cortisone shots. Dr. Stu should be the first stop on your recovery process.

Todd C.

From an active 37 year old still pretending to be 18

I started with Dr. Weitzman when I was having a nagging hip flexor problem for 6 months. Through alignments everything worked itself out and and after 2 weeks the pain subsided. Now I see him for Dr. Weitzman for regular tune ups. I can tell when my stride feels short when he runs on the treadmill that it is time to come in for a tune up to bring me back to normal.

Then after a partial tear of my rotator cuff I was not able to move my arm well enough to rehab it. When I lifted my arm, the whole shoulder went with it. Then Dr. Weitzman did ART (Active Release Technique) and released the joint capsule and my range of motion came back instantly. This allowed me to rehab it without surgery and get back to playing basketball.

I tell everyone that comes into my shop (Deveraux Tile in Bedford Hills) to see Dr. Weitzman if they have something going on with their body.

Chris P.

From a runner suffering from plantar fasciitis

Foot pain is underrated. I am an avid runner, and when I developed plantar fasciitis, I really thought my running days were over… for good. A friend recommended that I see Dr. Weitzman. She swore that her plantar faciitis issues were completely resolved after Dr Stu “worked on her foot”. I was skeptical but desperate. Dr. Weitzman’s treatments were intense, but so worthwhile. I am now running again, happily and pain free. Thank you Dr. Stu!!!S.

From a marathon runner

Two years ago I missed running the Boston Marathon due to a calf injury that popped up three weeks before the race. Last year, same time, the injury returned with a vengeance. I had never seen a Chiropractor before, but massage and MDs were not helping. I went to see Dr Stu on the recommendation of a runner friend. Dr Stu had me figured out and back training within days. I was able to run Boston pain free. Thanks to his occasional treatments, I have also gone on to complete my first Ultra. My house is now in order.George

From a marathon runner

A month before the 2007 NY marathon my calf seized up and wouldn’t let me run at all. After two weeks of self treatment I tested it at the Where the Pavement Ends trail race and pulled up after 100 yards. Talking with Dr Stu after the race we agreed to start therapy that resulted in being able to complete the marathon. Since then I’ve completed two more (along with several half) with regular consultations with Dr Stu. I’m looking forward to the final training push for the 2009 NY marathon, knowing I have Dr Stu to help me thru the tough parts. Couldn’t have done it without him!Frank

From a patient with a sports injury

Since seeing Dr. Weitzman on a regular basis I’m able to move freely without any pain. It’s easier for me to do sports, since I’m very active. I’m very grateful to my coach for recommending me to Dr. Weitzman.Michael C.

From a patient with sports-related foot injuries

As I developed sports-related foot injuries from dancing, Dr. Stu has used outside-the-box thinking to help me rehabilitate my feet and my posture. He utilizes many different modalities in healing and supporting his patients with sports-related challenges: For my foot problems, we have used Foot Levelers orthotics, Kinesio-tape, and chiropractic adjustment of the feet as well as the spine in this period of rehabilitation. Foot Levelers are orthotic inserts which are designed to change the way one steps with their feet (rather than stabilize the foot in its current, painful posture). Kinesio-tape helps to re-train and strengthen targeted muscles. In my case, Dr. Stu has tried novel approaches of taping my feet and toes to shift the surfaces of the foot that I use for stepping. Dr. Stu has also used chiropractic adjustment of the feet to increase motility and relieve often painful symptoms from specific repetitive stresses.

After a lengthy rehab period, I have been able to redirect the way in which I dance (and walk!) so that I can return to the activity I love. Rehabilitation with Dr. Stu has been a far better option for me than the recommendations to “give up dancing to avoid further damage!”


From a dedicated runner

Two years ago, after training hard all summer for a fall triathlon, I realized that several months after the race and my big training I was experiencing hip and back pain. These aches and pains had become a part of my active life style, but I had expected them to fade with my less intense winter training regimen.

I went to see my general practitioner who said, “…at your age and with your medical history you should really stop running.” I was speechless and devastated as I left his office and headed to for x-rays of my hip and lower back. In layman’s terms, I was born with a congenital dislocated hip-the socket did not form properly. It was corrected with surgery and traction, then a body cast and a leg brace. It has never held me back; I have always been an athlete. My parents did say that when I was older I would most likely need hip replacement surgery — I never dreamed that older meant 43!

The x-rays showed that I have arthritis in my lower back and left hip. I was told to go to physical therapy and cut back on my running. Before I could make the appointment, a colleague noticed me stretching my back to get comfortable during a meeting. He asked me what was wrong. When I told him that I was having back pain he quickly referred me to his chiropractor, “the best guy around”, Dr. Weitzman.

I immediately went to see Dr. Weitzman for an assessment and then treatment 2-3 times per week for about two months and then regular adjustments once a week or as needed. I did not give up running. That fall I went on to win 1st in my age group at the Westchester Triathlon and qualified for the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in which I placed 13th in my age group. Last fall I placed first in my age group again at Westchester and just completed Alcatraz where I placed 4th in my age group.

Although I do sometimes get aches and pains, after adjustments with Dr. Stu I am good as new and on the road training at all times. He saved my running habit, he saved me, and I am forever grateful!

Families & Children

From a family who uses chiropractic as preventative care

My family and I have been going to Dr. Stu for about five years now. We started taking my son to Dr.Stu when he was just a few months old and my daughter when she was only seven days old! Since then, we’ve found that chiropractic adjustments have helped our children recover quickly from any colds or illnesses. In fact, chiropractic care is our first line of defense for our family. We all see Dr. Stu at the first signs of illness. His gentle techniques and easy manner have always made it easy for the kids to get adjusted. My son, who is now five years old, and my daughter, who is two years old, love their adjustments and look forward to seeing Dr. Stu every month. Chiropractic care is definitely something we all believe in—not only for sickness, but also for general well-being.Marissa & John

From a family who uses chiropractic as first line of defense

I began seeing Dr. Stu for relief of my own neck pain, but soon experienced his gift as a family chiropractor. My five-year-old son fell from playground equipment squarely onto his head, and Dr. Stu very cautiously and gently (only after X-rays and other diagnostics) eliminated the headaches that ensued right after his fall. Dr. Stu also treated my two-year-old twins, who had been born prematurely. One of them was exhibiting behaviors common of autism. . . significant developmental delays, as well as behavioral and sensory integration problems (screaming, terror of motor noises, feeding aversions, and constant seeking of vestibular stimulation and deep pressure). At first, we measured success if our son would even enter the office, but Dr. Stu quickly won his trust. The results were remarkable. Although the problems didn’t disappear, they were quiesced. We were able to use the vacuum cleaner without having to take my son out of the house. He screamed less. He began speaking a few words. And, we were able to reduce the medications which helped his breathing. Dr. Stu never made us feel guilty, like some chiropractors do when you can’t go as often as they recommend.Elaine P.

From a baby/infant with torticollis

I found Dr. Weitzman while searching for a chiropractor that is experienced in treating children/babies. My baby had a form of torticollis and he would only turn his head to one side. My pediatrician prescribed stretching exercises but we could not even do them successfully because he would cry and resist. I read online that chiropractic treatments could help and searched for chiropractors who had received special training to work with pregnant women & children through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Web site. After I read Dr. Weitzman’s information on his Web site about treating children and babies, I was still a little apprehensive about chiropractic treatments for a 2.5-month old baby. But Dr. Weitzman put me at ease when I called to ask more questions before making my first appointment. The adjustments he used are so gentle and suble (no cracking) and he took the time to explain what he was about to do to make sure I felt comfortable. After a few treatments, my baby’s range of motion in his neck was greatly improved and he would actually turn his head to the other side. He was then able to do tummy time more easily and able to feed from both sides without any problems. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic care for their babies!M.O. (mom to now 3.5-month old baby boy)

From a young constipated patient

Around a year old, our son started suffering from what I would call severe constipation. He would literally bend over and cry or scream every time he would try to pass a bowel movement. Our pediatrician recommended different natural remedies, including cod liver oil in his bottle, but nothing really seemed to be working. My wife mentioned this to Dr. Weitzman at one of her visits and he told her that he could help. Within an hour of his first adjustment, my son was able to have a bowel movement without bending over or screaming. Within a few adjustments, he was regular and has been ever since. We thank Dr. Weitzman for helping our little guy as no baby should have to be in so much pain when having a bowel movement.Patrick

From a young patient

Nick enjoys Dr. Stuart and likes to talk about sports while he is being treated. Dr. Stuart is really great with kids. Our family is better for knowing Dr. Stuart.Nick's Mom

From a pregnant patient whose baby was breech

When I was 37 weeks pregnant, my ob told me that the baby was breech and I would need a c-section. I spoke with my brother, who is a chiropractor in another state, and he recommended Dr. Weitzman to me. Within three visits spanning the course of a week, Dr. Weitzman had my baby turned around and head down in position for a natural delivery. At my next weekly visit, my ob performed a quick ultrasound and confirmed that the baby was head down, which she stayed until I delivered. I contribute this quick turn around to Dr. Weitzman’s chiropractic adjustments and I highly recommend him to anyone with interest.Dawn B.

From a pregnant patient

I went to see Dr. Weitzman when I was 31 weeks pregnant. My baby was breech. I wanted the baby to turn to avoid having to deliver by C-section. I found doctor Weitzman through the ICPA website for the Webster technique. I saw the Dr. 3 times a week for 2 weeks and then 2x/wk for 2 weeks. After 11 visits, two weeks before my due date, my obgyn confirmed by ultrasound that the baby had turned. I am beyond greatful to the doctor for turning the baby. I know that she turned because of his chiropractic adjustments. I was thrilled to have an extremely easy labor and delivery, and I am unbelievably greatful to Dr. Weitzman for his brilliant work and making this happen. My recovery from labor was also quick and easy. Words can not express my gratitude to Dr. Weitzman. I feel truly blessed that I found him.Nicole P.

From a pregnant patient with hip pain

I have seen chiropractors over the course of the past 10 years or so–sometimes for specific concerns, and also for general maintenance. This past year, my husband and I found out that I was pregnant. I was seeing a sports chiropractor at the time and when I realized we were pregnant, I wanted to switch to a chiropractor who specialized in working with pregnant women. After some searching online, I came across Dr. Stu’s name on a birth network website for the Westchester area, and I made an appointment. Looking back over the past four months of working with Dr. Stu, I am really glad that I made the switch. After my first visit, he personally called and e-mailed to welcome me and assure me he was there for any need I had. Every visit I look forward to his professional, but warm and kind interactions. He makes you feel like a cared-for and valued patient. And I believe his work with me greatly benefited me in pregnancy–helped my back and hip pain immensely, and I would like to think that he helped keep my baby in a good position. 🙂 (because baby did end up and stay in a good position) I intend on continuing to see him for general maintenance for good health, and if we do get pregnant again, I’d be more than glad to work with him during that time! If you’re expecting, I definitely recommend you give Dr. Stu a call.Jolene, White Plains, NY

From a Senior Citizen

At age 84, I feel better after each time I visit Dr Weitzman. I also feel better overall than when I first started in the office around 5 years ago. I come regularly, but wish I coudl be here everyday. I like the fact that I talk with Dr. Weitzman and he consults with my other Doctors. We also talk about everything and I feel as if I know his family. I feel very comfortable in his office and that is very important to me.Santo

From a patient who suffered with Plantar Fasciitis

I came to Dr. Stu late in the summer, diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. I was suffering from this condition for at least a year. It had affected the quality of my life for a significant time. I did not want to participate in many of the things I liked to do such as going for walks with my husband. I was limping, couldn’t bear weight on it and was always in pain. I had been to many health care professionals for help including podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and other chiropractors. None were able to help me in any way.

I found Dr. Stu on the internet, and although I had never gone to a doctor based on that, I decided to take a chance. My lucky decision! I have been coming to Dr. Stu for a couple of months and he suggested A.R.T. technique to repair the foot. After only very few visits I began to feel better. I gradually and steadily have regained the use of my foot to do all the things a foot should be able to do…pain free! I was inspired to write this testimonial because for the first time in a long as I can remember, I took a long walk yesterday (4.5) miles, with my husband and my dog! Today my foot feels great and I no longer have reservations about being active again. My foot is much less painful, especially in the mornings (when P.F. condition is classically painful), and during my work day. I’m also not limping anymore.

Dr. Stu has been the only one who has been able to reverse and repair the damage caused by this condition with his magical hands and a great technique, Active Release Technique.

Trudy G., Ph.D.

From a patient with a back injury

When I injured my back I was hesitant to visit a Chiropractor. My mind was quickly changed by Dr. Weitzman as I started to improve without drugs or laying in bed for weeks. I was able to resume my hectic work schedule within a few weeks.Roger

From a patient with long history back pain

Hello my name is Janice and I have been a patient of Dr. Weitzman for about a year now. I came to Dr. Weitzman’s office with what else? Back pain that I have lived with for a long time. Well, by seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, it has allowed me to do so many more things in my day-to-day life. I now go to the gym 5 to 7 days a week; I have become a fan of spinning 2 to 3 days a week and even started to train for my first half marathon. When I lived with the back pain, none of these things were in my life due to discomfort I had all the time. By going to Dr. Weitzman, I have been able to live a pain free life, become more flexible, and able to meet and set goals for myself at 41 years of age that I would never do. The wonderful thing about seeing Dr. Weitzman is that he not only works on your back but if you are having trouble with your arms, hands and legs, he works out those muscles as well from all my working out. I have had a few muscle pulls and tight ones as well. I am so thankful for the care that I have received and that I am still receiving from Dr. Weitzman. He gives me tips on running and how to improve on it. You have to take baby steps and it will happen. The other thing that he has helped with is my weight loss journey. Why you ask? Because without the above activities, I could not lose weight and keep losing to reach my goals, including becoming a trainer, a Weight Watchers leader and inspire and give back to the people that helped me to change my life for the better.Janice

From a patient with severe neck pain

After seeing the testimonial page of this website, I felt compelled to tell my story. I believe so many people are simply unaware of how chiropractic care can naturally restore the healthy mechanical function of the body. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been a boxer and a power lifter since I was 16. All of this undue stress to my body began taking effect two years ago.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Stuart Weitzman since March of 2007. My main complaint was severe neck pain while keeping my neck in one position for too long (sitting in front of computer, or driving long distance). During my initial evaluation, Dr. Weitzman discovered that I had a subluxation of my C-5 and C-6 vertebrae of the cervical spine. These vertebrae were out of alignment from the natural curve of the neck, and putting intense amount of pressure on the nerves. Being a boxer and power lifter for many years, does take its toll on the body. Over the years of abuse to my body started to feel the effects. Through a specific series of exercises, and routine adjustments my Lordosis curve returned to its natural form in less than a year.

In the summer of 2008, I returned to both sports while continuing to utilize Dr. Weitzman’s services regularly and have been able to manage both grueling sports pain-free. Since the proper curve has returned to my neck, I no longer have any pain, and the tense muscles are a very rare occurrence. Overall, I feel great. Chiropractic care, really works for everyone, whether you’re an athlete, pregnant, young, or elderly.

I would encourage anyone with a subluxation to have Dr. Weitzman show you my x-rays from my original visit compared to a year later under his care. Just ask to see Steve’s x-rays.

Thanks a million Dr. Weitzman