Text neck (Sometimes referred to as Tech-Neck) is really a thing! For children, it’s especially alarming since these are the formative years of their lives.   Bones and muscles will adapt to the forces applied to it. Forward head posture distorts the natural curves of the spine.  This can be seen down the kinetic chain with rounded shoulders and a kyphotic middle back.  Poor posture also shortens and strains the neck and back musculature.  As a result, some muscles will be overworked and movements will become inefficient.   Over time this can allow the joints to bear

weight differently and start to lead to arthritic

changes down the road.
The best thing that you can do is be more aware of forward head carriage and posture altogether. The
more aware of how you carry yourself, the easier it will be to have healthy postural habits.  Furthermore, strengthening and seroquel stretching the short and weak muscles with good form can further ingrain optimal posture earlier in life. Before beginning an exercise/rehab protocol, it is best to have the joints and muscles evaluated for restrictions and trigger points which can inhibit full range of motion.
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